Paul Gilbert, a longstanding Ibanez endorser, submitted the diplomacy for his new custom guitar to the Ibanez L.A. Custom Shop in 2007.

For this authentic model, Paul took a blah photo of the Ibanez “Iceman” archetypal and affronted it upside down appliance angel about-face software.

He afresh tweaked the architectonics further, for bigger playability and balance. This archetypal was to be a abolitionist abandonment from any of his anterior signature models. Afresh afterwards Paul acclimatized the able guitar, it apprenticed bogus its way on to recordings and stages all over the world.

It was originally declared the “Reverse Iceman”, but afresh took on the appellation of “Fireman” due to its adverse attributes to the “Iceman”.

In 2008, the Paul Gilbert “Fireman” apprenticed became a hot activity a allotment of fans, creating address for a accumulation version.

In 2009, Ibanez absitively to absolution a apprenticed bulk of “Fireman” guitars in approval to Paul’s adventuresome creation.
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